Meet Ann (aka Marlo)

“A Woman with Faith”

Marlo was born on November 30, 1966, the fifth of six children. She and her three sisters and two brothers were born and raised in Florida. She met her husband, Kurt, at a naval base in Charleston, SC when she went to visit one of her sisters there. Marlo and Kurt were married in 1987 and will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this year. They have three sons – Michael who is 19, Corey who is 15, and Tyler who is 14.

Marlo and KurtThey moved back to Kurt’s home town of Arlington, TX in 1993 and resided there until their return to Florida in 2005. When her children were young, Marlo was a stay-at-home mom and enjoyed watching other children of single teenage mothers who could not afford daycare.

Marlo’s dream is to someday own land, preferably close to mountains, where she can take care of unwanted animals and teenagers, both of whom she believes are misunderstood yet have so much to offer this world.

Marlo loved living in Texas and misses the seasons that she enjoyed there, especially the fall. She loved the brisk air, the smell in the air, and the falling leaves (which she liked to rake!) When they moved back to Florida in 2005, Marlo went to work for Belk as an ASM.

Marlo’s life was turned upside down when she was diagnosed in February 2006 with a Grade 2 Astrocytoma. She had gone to the emergency room on February 11th with a severe headache and was hospitalized for testing.

The doctors gave her the news of her two inoperable tumors on Valentines Day, and basically gave her very little hope due to the location of the tumors. After much prayer for guidance, Marlo found Dr. Nicholas Avgeroupolus at Florida Hospital.

She feels truly blessed to have found this doctor and the hospital, as they have given her not only radiation therapy treatment to shrink the tumors but also hope for the future. The radiation therapy has successfully contained the tumors, and now Marlo has MRI’s every three months to make sure there isn’t any tumor regrowth.Although admittedly this cancer is not something that Marlo would have asked for, she feels truly blessed nonetheless. She believes this to be a wakeup call from God, and it has taught her to recognize the blessings in her life that she may have otherwise overlooked. She enjoys reading, watching TV, listening to most types of music, and she loves to be outside walking. She even loves a good thunderstorm!

Marlo has a strong faith, and although she does not know what her future holds, she puts her trust in God and tries to live one day at a time without getting too ahead of herself. She enjoys time with her family, including her husband, their children, as well as their three cats (Maia, Todd and Meathead).

Marlo also enjoys visits from her parents, in-laws and siblings. As you can tell, Marlo treasures the important things in life and it doesn’t take more than this to make her happy! God Bless you, Marlo!