Vinny – A special angel!

Vinny was born in October 2003.  This special little boy was a fighter from the moment he was born, as he immediately faced the challenges of a severe cleft lip, a cleft palate and pulmonary stenosis (a heart defect).  During the first four years of his life, he underwent several cleft-related surgeries.  Just when his parents thought the worst was behind him, Vinny was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma in February 2008.  Rhabdomyosarcoma is a cancerous tumor of the muscles that are attached to the bones.  It is the most common soft tissue tumor found in children.  In Vinny’s case, the Rhabdo … [Read more...]

Meet Ann (aka Marlo)

“A Woman with Faith” Marlo was born on November 30, 1966, the fifth of six children. She and her three sisters and two brothers were born and raised in Florida. She met her husband, Kurt, at a naval base in Charleston, SC when she went to visit one of her sisters there. Marlo and Kurt were married in 1987 and will be celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary this year. They have three sons – Michael who is 19, Corey who is 15, and Tyler who is 14. … [Read more...]

Meet Justice Standing Tall

Justice was born on October 19, 1999. Like any other young boy, he was active and enjoyed playing with his friends and siblings. He began experiencing headaches and vomiting and was incorrectly diagnosed with migraines in 2005. The pain persisted and on July 21, 2006, he was correctly diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a brain tumor located in the cerebellum. He had severe hydrocephalus and a shunt was placed in the fourth ventricle on July 22, 2006. Two days later, a partial resection was performed on the tumor, which involved the brain stem as well as cranial nerves. Following surgery, Justice … [Read more...]